Building your career as a person with a mobility impairment?

Job hunting is tough as it is! When you’re handling the logistics of a mobility impairment on top of the usual stresses of job seeking, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that helps you achieve your career goals. From deciding what you’d like to do, to how to deal with possible workplace discrimination — we’ve got you covered!
Career ideas for people with mobility impairment

Exploring your possibilities

Stuck for career ideas? As a person with a mobility impairment, there’s surprisingly little you’re barred from doing. Make an assessment of your support needs, skills, and interests. Then decide whether you’d like to work on-location or remotely. Building a passive income is also an option, but that takes a little more planning and expertise! We’ve written more about this in our blog post “Top 10 Careers If You Have a Mobility Impairment”.
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Know Your Disability Rights

In an ideal world, the question of your legal protection wouldn’t even need to be considered — society would naturally be inclusive and supportive of difference. But while we work on achieving that, it can (literally) pay to know what the law says about the rights of people with disabilities — especially in the workplace. You’re protected, but it’s worth confirming the details in our ebook (it’s available for download if you speak to our chatbot). We’ve also taken a look at how working affects your Social Security benefits. Click the link below to read more on that and interact with the Chatbot for the full ebook. 

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Know your disability rights
Disclosing your disability

Disclosing Your Disability

At some point on your career-building journey you’ll be faced with the question of whether to disclose your disability, and when to do so. While a prospective employer can’t legally ask you about your disability, they won’t be obliged to offer workplace accommodations unless you officially disclose it. Figure out whether you should disclose, when to do so, and how in our blog post linked below. Interact with the Chatbot for the full ebook. 

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Know Who To Call And Where To Go

Building a successful career is a lot of hard work, but the good news is you don’t need to do it alone! Networks like Mobility International USA, and The Job Accommodation Network exist to make integrating into society easier for people with mobility impairments (and other impairments as well, in the case of JAN). There are even sites like abilityJOBS that exclusively list job vacancies for people with disabilities. We’ve shared more resources in a blog you can follow by clicking the link below, or speak to our chatbot and ask for our ebook. 

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